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Perup: Nature's Guesthouse

Surrounded by the 56,000 hectare Tone-Perup Nature Reserve, Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse is the best place in Western Australia’s south west to see native wildlife including several iconic and enigmatic mammals like numbats, tammar wallaby, ringtail and brushtail possums, quenda, woylies, phascogales and chuditch.


Our range of accommodation and facilities make Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse the perfect place for school camps, conferences, family gatherings, corporate events, caravans, camping or even a unique secluded bush wedding.

Enjoy Nature

Listen to the sounds of the bush and breathe in the pure air. Spotlight for native animals, explore the walk trails, star-gaze our southern skies or enjoy the wild flowers in spring.

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At Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse sustainability is at the core of everything we do. 

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Perup: Nature's Guesthouse

3360 Boyup Brook - Cranbrook Road, Tonebridge

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