Blackwood Basin Group Inc.

Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse is run by the Blackwood Basin Group Inc., a community managed landcare group that works to protect and enhance the environmental values of the Blackwood River catchment.


By staying at Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse you will be directly supporting the Blackwood Basin Group to achieve its goals.  

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At Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse sustainability is at the core of everything we do.


The centre is ‘off grid’ and runs almost entirely on solar power, with a diesel generator only used as backup.  


All of the water used on site is rainwater collected from the roofs of the buildings.  As such we encourage all of our guests to be restrained in their use of this very precious resource.  Nearly all of our hot water systems on site are also solar powered to reduce the amount of energy we use.


We recycle everything we can onsite, including all organic waste, which is composted before being taken offsite.  All recyclable materials are taken to the Boyup Brook transfer station before being taken to Perth for recycling.  We are constantly reviewing our purchases for all of the items we use at Perup to ensure that we are minimising the amount of packaging that comes on site and ensuring that what packaging does come on site is recyclable.


We encourage all of our quests to help us reduce the waste produced at the Perup: Nature’s Guesthouse by ensuring that all recyclable material and organic waste is placed in the appropriate bins.